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About Us

QRubber is a leading distributor with over 10 years of experience in the industry, known for its exceptional heritage.

Quality Rubber was established in 2010 through a collaboration between successful executives in the rubber sector and a group of experienced entrepreneurs with expertise in establishing companies.

This collaboration resulted in the creation of efficient information and control systems, strong organizational structures, and effective executive boards, which have contributed to making Qrubber a reliable and professional company that has quickly become a leader in the industry in the USA.

Following its initial success, Qrubber expanded its range of products in 2011 to include Artificial Grass, the PVC category, and entered the road market by introducing innovative and improved solutions that enhance road safety.

En el año 2014 se decide explorar a nivel internacional

With a distributor in Costa Rica. As a result of this successful experience, in 2015, it was decided to open its own branch in Peru, with 1,600 m2 facilities to serve both the local market and those of Bolivia and Ecuador. In 2017 we continued to grow, opening our offices in Paraguay, thus further strengthening our regional business.

We are firmly committed to being the leaders in the field at the regional level, for which we have a wide range of quality products imported from Asia, India and Latin America, from factories recognized for their high quality standards and an experienced distribution service. , efficient and reliable.

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